IC’s Part Number Identification

We can identify almost any semiconductors part number. This service can be needed to identify an IC that has been “house” marked or the part number has been removed from the IC.

We have also found in the past where a part is marked as one manufacture or device type, just to find out that this is false, and have been marked in such a way to try to hind the chips true id.

We have extensive part number libraries. Most manufactures do not list the part number on the die, only an internal reference number. So our cross-reference libraries make this identification quick.

As you can see in this picture that MOST manufactures will have there logo on the die, so we can use that to narrow down the id of the chip.


Now you can see the same chip, with what we would call “house marked” id, you can see this in both pictures. This helps, but we would need to compare this to our chip master list. We have master lists for Atmel, Microchip and many others.


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