Secure MCU Readers


These units’ maybe hardware and or software in design


Programmer/ reader. This hardware allows the reading of secured devices and also is a universal programmer. The secured devices that this will work with are as follows:


Motorola MC68HC705E6 Family reader


Motorola MC68HC711 & MC68HC11 Family reader


Motorola MC6811PA8/ KA1/ KA4/ P2 Family reader


Motorola MC68HC705V8/ V12 Family reader


Motorola MC68HC705B12/ B32, MC68HC705X16/ X32, MC68HC05B6/ B8/ B16/ B32, MC68HC05X16/ X32 Family reader


Motorola MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC05H12 Family reader


Motorola MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC05H12 Family reader


Motorola MC68HC912, MC68HC9S12 Family reader


Motorola MC68HC11E9, MC68HC11A8 Family reader


Motorola MC68HC05L28 Family reader


Dallas Semi DS5000 reader

Please email for pricing on any of these readers.


New secure device readers that are in development now, Atmel AVR family reader 90sxxxx. Etc.

Dallas DS5002

Misc Microchip “PIC”


Please note that we cannot be held responsible for how the above hardware/ software are used. Please check local laws to make sure that the use of these devices are legal. This should not be an issue, but please check. Please email us for pricing and delivery times. Please also note, that we can develop readers for devices not listed, we will also prepare “security reports” on just about any device out there. The report will have detailed pictures, layout of security features on the die itself, and possible attach methods. We can also test the device for known attacks and report the results.

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