Hardware & Software Design

We are now offering embedded circuit design; we have a great design team that can design your idea from the ground up, at a fair price. This can be hardware only or hardware and software designs.


We can take your idea, design it, write all hardware and software code, and provide you with a working prototype. Then provide you with all the files that you need to build the device on your own. Bill of materials, gerber files (board design), hex file and software.


To get started, we would need you to give us an idea of the project, your time frame and approx budget and any other information that you think we should know. Is it handheld, will it plug into AC power, is there a size restriction, etc. It will take a few days for us to look at your idea and finalize a time and price.


When we get started, we will ask allot of questions up front. We will need to know if there are parts that you want in the design, such as sensors, switches, etc. We will also be asking what manufacture you would like us to use, Microchip, Atmel, etc. When we get all the needed information together, we will ask for a 50% deposit on the work, if it is a long term project (more than 2 months) we will get you regular updates on the design, we may also set up progress payments; we of course need full payment before we can ship the prototype. If there are any changes to the design after that we need to be notified within 1 week of you receiving the prototype. During the design phase we will be asking you for information and thoughts, so by the end of the design, we should have no changes needed.


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