Our Laboratory Activity Focuses on:

Research into security vulnerabilities of microcontrollers, CPLDs and FPGAs

Research into innovative attack technologies.

Research defense technologies against all types of attacks.

Evaluating of existing products against non-invasive, semi-invasive and invasive attacks.

We are experts at IC decapsulation and de-layering for optical analyses

Optical imaging of integrated circuits for identification or analyses

Developing attack methods for MaskROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash, Antifuse and FRAM memories.

Hardware & Software Design

Your idea, our engineers, a great product

Why ICInspector?


We have been working in the field of failure analyses for 15 years now.


We can be proud to say that we have been 100% successful on each and every project that we have taken on.


We use state of the art equipment to perform the task at hand.

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E-mail: info@icinspector.com